Hummingbird Class

Hummingbird class is a class of Y3, 4 and 5 children who experience moderate and severe learning difficulties. There are seven boys and five girls in the class. We have daily literacy lessons based on a story book. This includes opportunities for speaking and listening, early learning, reading and writing skills. We also have daily numeracy lessons which include early learning, numbers, space, shape and measure, and problem solving activities.

Other areas of learning are addressed through a topic approach. Children also participate in regular library sessions and choose a book to take home. Swimming is a popular session every Monday. The children also have weekly sessions in the soft play room and enjoy sessions in the Sensory Theatre. Children in Hummingbird class have regular input from the speech and language therapy team, the occupational therapists, and physiotherapists, depending on the particular needs of individuals. All the children participate in a ‘Social Use of Language’ group.

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