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Jay Class

Jay class is one of the four Early Years classes, with children from aged 3 to 5 (nursery and reception). The children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which is modified to meet their needs. The curriculum is planned jointly and with input from the speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists as appropriate.

The children are offered a mixture of adult led structured play, where they are encouraged to make choices about what they would like to do. Additionally they have paired work sessions where early English and maths is taught. The children have regular opportunities for individual work focusing on their personal therapy targets.

The early years have two outdoor areas. One is specifically for curriculum use and is used for planned activities and child initiated play, it is partially covered so that children can be outside whatever the weather! The other is used primarily for lunchtime play and has a range of equipment designed to encourage gross motor development and shared play.

Children in the early years have access to swimming, PE and soft play on a weekly basis.

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