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Blackbird Class

Blackbird is a class of seven children who are in Year 4, 5 and 6. As well as experiencing learning difficulties, the children have autistic spectrum disorder or similar difficulties. The curriculum is individualised and tailored to each child. The school day is very structured and is surrounded by visual and transactional support including individualised visual timetables. The children have access to daily Literacy and Numeracy both in individual work sessions and group sessions. As well as academic targets, all children have social and speech and language targets that are incorporated into their everyday activities as well as in 1-1 sessions. The children have regular professional input from the speech and language team and occupational therapy. Within Blackbird class there is a high level of staff support in order for all of the children to access all activities and the wider curriculum. The children have weekly access to swimming, soft play, sensory theatre, the ICT suite and the Library.

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